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Ruben decided to create and build his FitnesDad dream during the pandemic- health, fitness and combat sports have been his passion and something close to his heart for close to 20 years and he finally decided that the time to give back was now.
Father to 3 amazing children, Lucas, Isla and Diego and married to his rock Angela.
Helping people get fit through combat sport and physical training is something that he feels very strongly about and can't harp on enough about all the associated benefits (mental well being, long term health, delayed ageing process, happiness etc) of what keeping fit can do in the short and long term for everyone regardless of gender, age, size, shape.... Martial Arts training should be available to everyone!


PT L2 and L3 qualified with a focus on Strength, Conditioning, HiiT, as well as the martial arts expertise he possesses.


Ruben is a back to back cancer survivor, having beat testicular cancer in 2013 and kidney cancer in 2018- Since 2013 he has been in the best physical shape hes ever been in. You could say beating the illness was the motivator or Kick up the backside he needed to push his fitness journey to the next level. At 33 he took up Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) seriously (he'd trained for years beforehand for fun) and fought on a few high calibre shows in the UK. He's also been training and competing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu since 2016 , winning his first competition at the British Nationals in London. He's a passionate Muay thai and BJJ practitioner and coach, he will continue doing this as long as his body permits!

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